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AiA Classic™ Facilitator's Kit
AiA Classic™ Facilitator's Kit

AiA Classic Facilitator’s Kit includes one Facilitator’s Manual, one Participant’s Manual, Resource CD, Audio CD’s, one set of AiA Classic Cards, and one stopwatch.

The AiA Classic learning system enables people to manage and value self and relationships. It also enhances intrapersonal and interpersonal skills and competencies. The goals of AiA Classic include helping people:

  • Assess themselves, identify and understand their present state of strengths and limitations.
  • Develop strategies, techniques, and behaviors that lead to higher-quality and more fulfilling lives, creating outcomes and results they desire.
  • Recognize, respond, and design personal, work, group, and social accountability.
  • Have a sense of success in their relationships using leadership, compassion, and actionable attitudes.
  • Identify, create, and practice the skills demanded in today’s social and work environments.

Learning Unit Topics:

  • Communication
  • Attitude Awareness
  • Self-Confidence
  • Understanding
  • Personality
  • Relationships
  • Group Dynamics
  • Work
  • Purpose and Goals
  • Personal Development

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Price: $495.00

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