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Collaborative Skills for Teams
Collaborative Skills for Teams

More than likely, we’ve all had to work with people who were quite different than us. Sometimes it’s frustrating. But have you ever worked on a team where people have learned to deal with their differences? Where conflict and miscommunication are reduced, meetings have a purpose, and time is managed efficiently? The goal of this program is to reconcile the inherent differences of team members to help you create an engaged, collaborative team.

In idXready™: Collaborative Skills for Teams, participants will:

  • Learn the four different roles within teams, their preferred roles, and the diversity of priorities and preferences of each role in a team
  • Understand team project stages and the activities and priorities associated with each of the four stages
  • Understand the challenges and communication breakdowns they may face when working with others who have different priorities, roles, and talents
  • Learn to maximize productivity of team meetings by identifying clear expectations and understanding how to manage their own priorities and tendencies
  • Explore how team roles interact in meetings and learn effective strategies to be more effective about managing differences
  • Understand their own time-management preferences based on their team roles
  • Gain a clearer understanding of how people manage time to become more aware of how they might be helping and hindering team efforts
  • Create personal action plans for strategies to consider when working and communicating with each of the four roles

Individuals who want to improve the efficiency of their workgroup and tap into each team member’s strengths.

Approximately 3½ - 4 ½ hours. Breaks are not included in this time.

Team Talents™ (Also known as Team Dimensions . For the purposes of idXready programs, we will be referring to the Team Dimensions model as Team Talents.)

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Price: $995.00

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