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Capitalizing on Team Talents™
Capitalizing on Team Talents™

Have you ever worked on a team where everyone is doing what they enjoy and making the very best use of their talents? A team where people just seem to “get” each other, projects make real progress and everyone is glad to be on the team? The goal of this program is to help you create this kind of engaged, high-functioning team.

In idXready™: Capitalizing on Team Talents™, participants will:

  • Learn the four different roles within teams and the diversity of inherent talents each role brings to the team
  • Understand their natural team roles
  • Recognize how to use their innate strengths to contribute maximally to a team
  • Identify how to efficiently tap into their underutilized natural strengths in daily activities
  • Discover activities that don’t fall within their preferred role, and recognize that these activities may cause stress
  • Uncover the strengths and limitations of their team, based on the distribution of team talents within the team
  • Create action plans to reduce individual and team stress and increase team productivity by tapping into the natural talents of the individuals on their team

Team members or team leaders who wish to increase group performance by helping each person in a group fulfill his or her potential to the overall benefit of the group.

Approximately 3 ¼ - 4 hours. Breaks are not included in this time.

Team Talents (Also known as Team Dimensions. For the purposes of idXready programs, we will be referring to the Team Dimensions model as Team Talents.)

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Price: $995.00

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